"You can't make it if

you don't shoot."



Growing up, basketball was always my main priority. As a college “student-athlete” my focus began to shift. I started to think about life after basketball.

What did I want for myself? For my family? What kind of impact did I want to have in the world?

These thoughts led me to a different path than the one I had always envisioned for myself. 

After moving on from college basketball, I dove head first into business and entrepreneurship.

My involvement has spanned from the east to the West Coast, where I have worked with "the world's youngest venture capitalist" and award-winning tech startups doing business development and digital marketing. I have implemented and directed a variety of programs such as entrepreneurship workshops and a 48-hour hackathon to connect students and startups. 

Now I reside in the Bay Area, working at the intersection of sports and technology. 



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