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This Sports App Rates Your Credibility As a Fan

A Boston based startup has created a social network exclusively for sports.

For Starters

Fancred is a startup that helps fans capture their favorite sports moments. To begin, you set up a profile with your basic information and select your favorite sports teams—all leagues are on the table. The app allows fans to pledge their allegiance to their favorite sports teams and proudly put it on display for the world to see. If you visit my profile, you can see that I am an Oakland Raiders fan (an unpopular choice as a Massachusetts resident—but hey, I’m not afraid to admit it).

When you begin, you have the option to invite friends from your contact list to join your ‘crew’ so be sure to reach out to all your buddies in your fantasy football league, the ones you play pickup with, attend games with, etc.  Your crew will be able to view your unapologetically biased posts in their sports feed and when added to their crew, you’re given the same access.

The app is not unlike your conventional social networks—Facebook & Twitter—due to the ability to like, comment, and repost, so you should have little trouble getting acclimated. Rejoice social media users, because this app also includes the highly sought after “dislike” button! So if you are subjected to any posts related to rival teams be sure to send a thumbs down their way. Although the controls are similar to that of existing social networks, this one is specifically for sports related content. There is no need for you to scroll through your feed and be bombarded by anything other than Big Papi, Tom Brady, and whatever trophy it is the city of Boston is winning this year—for all you crazed Boston fans. It’s just sports, sports, and more sports 24/7.

All fans are not created equal

Fancred assigns all users a fan rating, which is creatively named “Fancred score.” From the moment you sign up, you start off with an initial Fancred score of 1. It is then up to you to prove your fanaticism by strengthening your profile and being active on the app—creating posts, posting pictures, and interacting with other fans. The more you engage with the platform, the higher your Fancred score will climb (as if you needed any more motivation to talk about your favorite teams). This feature will finally allow fans to settle the score because you can now prove to your buddy that he isn’t as much of a die-hard fan as you.

The app is free to download for both Apple and Android users. It can also be accessed on the web. Fancred already has partnerships with the Boston Red Sox, Carolina Panthers, and Liverpool F.C., to name a few, and has raised $4.5 million in funding in two rounds. They have built up quite the following and seem to be experiencing healthy growth.

Whether you want a platform to capture all of your sports moments or to keep the conversation going after the game ends, this is a must have app for sports fans. Be sure to check it out and add me to your crew!