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How a Van Driver Inspired This Entrepreneur to Start a Company

Desmond Lim is a Harvard student and serial entrepreneur.

At age 17, he started Perfectscore Education—a math and science tutoring service for students from low-income communities. At age 21, he started Treehouse Restaurant—a Thai food business. Then, at age 24, he founded a clothes trading company.

Now, at age 30, with 3 startups under his belt and 6 years of professional experience—at Merrill Lynch and WeChat—he has moved on to his latest venture, Quikforce.

Quikforce is a personalized moving platform that aims to make moving simple by matching the user with the appropriate moving firm for their situation. Quikforce is a Harvard Incubation Lab company currently servicing the Greater Boston Area.

They are quickly gaining momentum as they build partnerships, garner investor interest and attract customers. (Their first moving partner was signed up less than 2 months after they incorporated!)

Quikforce recently launched in July of 2015 but the story certainly did not start there. It started in Singapore, circa 1980. This is when Desmond’s father, Simon Lim, began work as a van driver. Having finished schooling at the 4th grade level, this caring father worked as a van driver to provide for his family of five.

A young, wide-eyed Desmond would ride with his father as he drove around, delivering furniture and goods, analyzing the intricacies of his occupation. He watched as his father used his bare hands to move large, heavy belongings from place to place—enduring strenuous physical labor. Simon would start work at 5 am every day of the week and would not finish until well into the night. Simon’s commitment to his craft, led him to do one thing exceptionally well—move things.

Desmond recognized that long painful hours were taxing on his father, and all other van drivers. Although he did not know it yet, this would eventually inspire him to remove the pain points for van drivers and consumers alike.

After finishing schooling in Singapore, he made the courageous trek to the United States to continue his education—becoming the first person in his family to attend college.

In 2013, he arrived in Boston and became a Teaching Fellow and Research Affiliate at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and began pursuing his Master’s degree in Public Policy, Business and Government from Harvard University.  He is currently finishing up his graduate studies.

Other than traveling to the U.S., his journey in life has led him all across the globe to 65 cities and 42 countries. After living in more than 4 countries, Desmond is no stranger to moving. The culmination of his life experiences has led him to this current juncture—advancing the moving industry for the benefit of all involved.

Equipped with the grit and determination from his father and an Ivy League education, Desmond is prepared to deliver an intuitive platform that will enable consumers to receive quick and accurate quotes, economical prices, and a pain-free experience. But don’t thank Desmond for making moving simple, Quikforce has been around for 35 years, it was just named Simon Lim