Welcome to the Next Phase of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

On Saturday, April 9th, I had the opportunity to lead an entrepreneurship workshop for the D’Amore-McKim School of Business’ Welcome Day. The event marked the second time I’ve been selected by administration to spearhead the workshop, as I had the fortune of doing so last year. I felt privileged to be able to explain to potential incoming students that Northeastern University can be the driving force that enables them to reach their entrepreneurial aspirations—something that I have witnessed time and time again. The entrepreneurial ecosystem at Northeastern has been an integral part of my college experience. Being involved with Northeastern entrepreneurship has afforded me the opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience as an undergraduate student.

Through the Entrepreneurs Club, I have been able to work for a ride-sharing startup for college students, pursue my own entrepreneurial idea through the Husky Startup Challenge, advise student entrepreneurs through the ups and downs of starting a company, and sharpen my leadership skills running events like InnoWeekend and Entrepreneur Dinners. Opportunities like these are scarce where I’m from. At Northeastern, these types of entrepreneurial possibilities are omnipresent—all you have to do is reach out and take them.

The great thing about Northeastern is that E-Club is just one part of an award-winning ecosystem called the Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education—or NUCEE for short. The cohesion between entrepreneurship courses, co-ops, and clubs is--in my biased opinion--unparalleled by any other higher education institution.  Not to mention, the chemistry displayed between the various clubs—IDEA, SCOUT, NUIO, E-Club, etc.—and the lifelong relationships that come out of it.


It was a pleasure to illustrate this at the workshop by highlighting the resources that make Northeastern entrepreneurship what it is, showing the students firsthand through our esteemed entrepreneur panel, and then giving them a taste by putting them through an ideation and pitching activity. Plus, the top three teams were awarded some nice D’Amore-McKim School of Business merchandise, which they seemed to love.

The real joy of this event is the feedback from both students and parents upon conclusion. The positive feedback we heard from participants was overwhelming.  Especially comments from students that say they were on the fence but that the workshop helped persuade them to choose Northeastern—as was told to Connor Gross and John Puma who led the other session, from a student that was considering UPenn and Northeastern. That is what Welcome Day is all about.

After interacting with the incoming students at Welcome Day, I am more confident than ever that Northeastern University will continue its surging momentum in becoming the worldwide leader in experiential learning, research, and entrepreneurial activity.

As my time at Northeastern comes to an end, this workshop meant a lot to me to be able to influence the incoming class that will make up the next generation of great entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders of the Northeastern entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Just as they will be starting the next phase of their entrepreneurial journey, I will be doing the same...