How to Get Mentored By the World’s Most Successful People

Disclosure: I am working to promote the upcoming release of the Third Door--a book about Alex Banayan's journey to track down the world's most successful people to uncover how they launched their careers.

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New Year. It is a time of reflection. It is a time for goal assessment and for planning. There is something about the passing of one calendar year to the next that causes one to reflect on all the moments of the past year, both positive and negative, and to plan for the year approaching.  

If you are like most people, you spent time assessing how your year went—the trials and tribulations; the highlights and hardships. This time of the year provides a great opportunity to take an honest look back on your experiences and use the lessons learned as building blocks for greater success and happiness moving forward.

Regardless of what it is that you aspire to do in life, a major part of success is mentorship. Having someone that shares similar aspirations as you that acts as a model for you to aspire to. Generally, this person is further along the journey than you and has experienced the ups and downs of making it to that next level and can share those experiences with you to accelerate your learning curve and prepare you for the road ahead.

But what happens when you don’t have that mentor to guide you? Do you make excuses? Do you give up?

You shouldn’t.

For me, I never really had access to a mentor to guide me or show me the way. Growing up I didn’t know anyone pursuing entrepreneurship or a career in technology so I have been experimenting and learning as I go.

Despite that, I’ve been mentored by Ben Horowitz, James Baldwin, Sam Walton, Michael Jordan, Carol Dweck, Elon Musk, Michelle Alexander, and many more.

None of these people showed up in my neighborhood but no matter who you are or where you might live, there is a way that you can learn from the world’s most successful people: by reading books.

Reading books is one of the most underrated factors of success.

Reading will allow you to see into the minds of those that you aspire to be like. By learning through the experiences of others it can allow you to minimize mistakes that you would otherwise make without that information—which can save you a lot of wasted time and move you further along in your career.

For most of us, it isn’t possible to learn directly from the people we idolize. So without access, the best way to get advice and learn from them is by reading books where they share the secrets to how they launched their careers, perfected their craft and achieved the success that they are known for.

Depending on where you are in your career will determine the message that is most appropriate and effective for you and your success.

If, like me, you’re at the beginning of your career then learning the secrets to how the world’s most successful people launched their careers will give you the insight you need to set yourself up to reach the mountaintop of success.

Unfortunately for us, up to this point we have not had a book where those people have divulged the secrets to how they had a breakthrough in their career. The real stories. The obscure things they did to take an uncharted path and pave the way onto the road to their dreams. We have not had a book to document these stories and share the one key to success that they all have in common--that is until now in 2018.


The Third Door


When we hear the word ‘success’ we think of people that embody it--people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Quincy Jones, Warren Buffet, Maya Angelou, Steve Wozniak, Steven Spielberg, etc. We see the finished product but we don’t see the struggles they went through early in their career—defying conventional wisdom, taking risks, and hacking their way into their careers.

Have you ever wondered what they did to launch their careers? How did they start out?


How did Bill Gates sell his first piece of software out of his dorm room?


How did Warren Buffett get his first meetings when no one knew his name?


How did Lady Gaga get a record deal when she was nineteen and waitressing in New York City?


How did Steven Spielberg—when he was rejected from film school—become the youngest major-studio director in Hollywood history?


Now you can have the answers to these questions because Alex Banayan has spent the past five years journeying around the world to the secret office of Bill Gates, to the dressing room of Lady Gaga, to a private party with Steven Spielberg, and to interview more than a dozen of the world’s most successful people to uncover the secrets to how they launched their careers so he can share them with you.

Along the way he discovered the one key thing all these leaders have in common—they all took the Third Door.

Those stories and his experiences during his five-year quest to track them down are documented in the upcoming release of his book the Third Door.

Take advantage of 2018 by reading books and receiving mentorship from the world’s most successful people.

The New Year is also a symbol of hope. You may not have accomplished what you set out to do in the past. You may have fallen short on your goals and resolutions. However, the New Year presents an opportunity to bounce back. Do not be deterred.

2018 is the year to get your foot in the door. The Third Door.

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